Mobile Patrol Toronto & Beyond

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Mobile Patrol Toronto, GTA and Beyond

mobile patrol toronto
Our mobile patrol teams protect large areas in marked vehicles to prevent theft, vandalism, property damage and a wide variety of other crimes. If you are looking for mobile patrol Toronto, in the GTA, throughout Southern Ontario or across Canada, you’ve come to the right place. SafeTech understands the crucial importance of physical security guards.

When you work with SafeTech for mobile patrol Toronto or just about anywhere, you are working with experienced and trained security teams that can effectively protect large areas. Mobile patrol units operate out of clearly marked vehicles to provide security as well as act as visual crime deterrents.

Our mobile security teams can be used to protect commercial and residential properties from theft, property damage, vandalism and many other crimes. All of our vehicles are equipped with cutting edge security and communication tools that allow our guards to quickly and effectively perform a number of key security tasks.

Working with Mobile Patrol Toronto and Across Canada

When you hire a mobile security patrol officer or team to work at your property, you receive trained security officers who understand the many crucial roles and duties that are required to keep a property safe and secure.

Mobile patrol guards perform initial inspections, drive-through security checks, monitor buildings for security flaws (such as open windows, damaged locks, etc.) as well as for potential evidence of a crime, assume responsibility for keys and access control, keep an eye out for security threats, and more. If a guard spots suspicious activity or a crime in progress, he or she will react swiftly to handle the situation and/or contact the police as necessary.
Mobile patrol guards are trained to follow varied schedules and routes in order to ensure that their movements are not predictable and they cannot be avoided by criminals.
If you are looking for mobile patrol Toronto or just about anywhere else, SafeTech Security can help. We will work with you to design a custom security plan for your property and provide you with the guards and security resources that you need to keep your location safe. Contact us today for more information.