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Parking Enforcement Toronto Keep Parking Lots Safe & Orderly

One of the main concerns for anyone who owns, runs or manages a parking facility is maintaining safety and security of all people and vehicles on-site.
Parking enforcement Toronto services and security guards are incredibly important in protecting both those who utilize the parking lot as well as all property on the lot. Trust our parking enforcement security services to keep your facility safe and secure at all times.

Parking enforcement goes beyond simply ensuring that those who use the parking lot pay for parking and that they position their vehicles in assigned spots. This is obviously part of the duties of a parking enforcement officer, but it is not the only aspect of the job. These officers are dedicated to providing 24-hour protection.


The safety and security of all people and vehicles in a parking lot is incredibly important. These security guards are able to monitor the location at all times using security surveillance cameras, mobile patrols and by making their rounds through the property. This enables them to notice any suspicious activity or criminal behaviour immediately. If an unusual or criminal situation takes place, parking enforcement teams will contact the appropriate authorities immediately.

Parking security guards add an extra level of security that will save you money, keep your customers happy and instill peace of mind in everyone who utilizes your parking lot.

Parking Enforcement: Keeping Parking Lots Orderly

Parking enforcement officials can also work to secure and enforce the rules in your parking facility, office building parking lot, warehouse parking lot, commercial parking facility or any other parking location. Parking enforcement security guards specialize in providing complete parking enforcement and parking security across Toronto and the GTA.

We can take care of the monitoring, securing and administration for your parking facility and ensure that each person parking on your property follows all rules and regulations that you may have put in place as well as all legal requirements. This not only makes your facility safer, but it ensures that all those who use the facility due so with respect.

The parking enforcement team can handle a wide variety of different tasks, ranging from installing required signage, inspecting areas for theft or damage, enforcing trespassing laws and managing 24-hour vehicle registration. By patrolling the parking facility on foot and by utilizing surveillance cameras and other security tools, security guards are able to discover and prevent vandalism, theft, mischief, trespassing, property damage and other criminal activity.

Guards are also able to perform a physical inspection of all vehicles, monitor for tenant and visitor parking passes, dispense police-issued tickets and arrange for towing of illegal or non-registered vehicles.

Their high-profile, clearly-marked patrol vehicles act as crime deterrents as do the random patrols & spot checks that they conduct.
For more information on parking lot security and parking enforcement officers, please contact a member of our experienced team today. We will be more than happy to discuss your unique situation with you and to provide you with suggestions for how you can improve the safety and security of your parking lot.

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