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Guard Dogs Are an Effective Security Tool

Trust guard dogs and security guards to protect your residential or commercial property as well as your family, employees and belongings. Utilizing security guards and dogs as protection is an excellent way to increase safety and security in almost any location.

Guard dogs Toronto are widely used around the world as a strong deterrent to thieves, vandals and other criminals. Their presence helps protect not just residential homes and commercial businesses, but also industrial sites, warehouses, parking lots and more. Our dogs are trained to protect against unwanted people and animals by utilizing a number of different tactics.

Guard Dogs: Security Tactics

The main strength that guard dogs use to protect a home or business is their bark. The animals are specially-trained to bark loudly as soon as they see or smell an intruder. Not only does this loud bark act as an alarm system and alert those inside the property that there is an intruder present, but the noise will also make anyone who happens to be in the area aware as well. In addition, the sound of a guard dog barking can also be an excellent crime deterrent. Criminals know that the bark will alert others to the fact that there is a crime in process. They also know that these dogs are incredibly dangerous.

Due to the threat of possible harm that our guard dogs can inflict and the awareness they create by barking, most criminals choose to avoid a home or business that utilizes guard dogs. In most instances, the loud barking is enough to scare off any possible criminals.

But barking to alert those nearby and to scare off potential criminals is not the only way that guard dogs can protect a property. Guard dogs also have the ability to attack and restrain any intruder if necessary.

When faced with an intruder, guard dogs are specially-trained to bite and detain the criminal and to not release the criminal until they are ordered to do so.

Guard Dogs Toronto as Security Services

There are a number of options available for those who are looking to hire guard dogs to protect their property. One option is to hire a dog/person team. These guard dog teams provide excellent security in high risk situations such as strikes, VIP speeches, protests and other public gatherings. The goal here is to instill and maintain order in a particular location or amongst a crowd.

Another option is the more traditional form of a “watch dog” that works alone to secure an environment. These dogs are frequently placed in homes, commercial businesses, industrial lumberyards, junkyards, warehouses or other similar locations.

This type of guard service ensures 24-hour protection of your property. Whether a criminal attempts to strike during business hours or in the middle of the night, the guard dogs will immediately notice the presence of a criminal and bark loudly. This is a serious form of constant protection that will certainly keep your property safe.

If you are interested in learning more about guard dog security, please do not hesitate to contact us today. All of our dogs are all professionally trained and maintained and all dogs act as a serious deterrent to thieves or vandals. We’ll be more than glad to help you with a unique security plan that will protect your property.

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