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Mobile Patrol Teams for Maximum Security

Mobile patrol units are security guards that navigate clearly marked vehicles in order to monitor and investigate larger areas than can be reasonably covered on foot.

Mobile patrol units and security inspection teams are incredibly effective at protecting and securing a large area and as well as investigating potential security issues that may arise.

These experienced security teams can work effectively in both residential and commercial areas. They specialize in being able to monitor and secure locations where there are multiple areas susceptible to break-ins, property damage, theft, vandalism and other crimes. They keep your property safe by actively looking for potential threats and by reacting quickly should anything illegal take place.

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Mobile Patrol Units: How They Work

Security practices involve both responding to crimes in progress and to potential crimes as well as working to prevent crimes from taking place at all. These teams excel in both of these aspects. A typical mobile patrol unit utilizes a marked car that itself acts as a crime deterrent. Each vehicle is specially-equipped with state of the art communication tools and security technology that let the mobile patrol officers easily contact emergency response teams and perform a wide variety of security duties in a fast and efficient way.

Mobile patrol units are also trained to follow varied schedules and routes. This ensures that their patrols cannot be predicted or monitored by potential criminals. This allows them to catch criminals off guard.

Mobile patrol offices use a wide variety of different security techniques to keep your property safe.

From drive-through inspection of indoor or outdoor parking facilities to monitoring the exterior of the building, including all windows and doors, mobile patrol units cover a wide area in a small amount of time. They can also inspect large common areas in order to protect residents, staff and employees from danger. These varied duties will keep you, your property and anyone on your property safe and secure.

Our mobile patrol teams are experts in visual inspections. They take care and use their knowledge and skill to verify that all doors and windows are securely locked and that there are no security threats present. This physical inspection of exterior doors and accessible windows at your property reduces the chance of a break-in and keeps your location safe.

Mobile security officers can also assume responsibility for building keys and entry. This will ensure that only those persons who should be able to access your property can do so. It also makes an investigation easier should a crime take place.

Security officers can also utilize their knowledge to check interior doors, sensitive areas, equipment and lighting in multiple buildings and they can also conduct various foot patrols at desired locations.

Mobile Patrol Actions: How They Fight Crime

Mobile patrol officers are able to react quickly to changing situations in order to keep your property safe and secure.

In the event that a member of the mobile patrol team discovers an unsecured or damaged door or window, he or she immediately conducts a thorough investigation to determine if a crime has been committed. If the mobile patrol officer discovers evidence of criminal activity, he or she them immediately contacts the appropriate local law enforcement personnel as well as our investigation team.

If you’re looking for a way to secure and protect your parking facility, your office building’s property, your warehouse location, your residential complex, your office park or any other location, mobile patrol units are an excellent choice.

Please contact a member of our security team for more information on how mobile patrol units can help protect your property, your possessions and any people who utilize your property. We can help you understand how mobile security services can be fully integrated into your security solution.

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