What are the Different Types of Security Guards

Security officers are experienced and trained to respond quickly and efficiently to threatening situations.

Understanding The Different Types of Security Guards

To understand various types of security guards, it’s mandatory to learn that each type of security guard shares the same mission of protecting people, assets or property. They are focused on clients’ security and safety. Some personal protection officers include armed security guards or unarmed security guards, depending on the situation.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are security officers that are responsible to take care of high-risk events and suspicious activity, and the unarmed personal security guards might be the ones that are not yet trained or certified for this. They need an armed guard license, but until they get one, they only can perform unarmed security tasks.

Types of Security Guards: Uniformed or Plain Clothes Guards

What are the different types of security guards?

Uniformed Guards

However, there is a certain already established hierarchy that provides more insight into the security industry. It’s important to know there are uniformed and plain-clothes guards.

Uniformed guards utilize a strong visual deterrent that makes sure any potential threats are immediately recognized and superior protection has been provided. Depending on the client’s needs, the security company will decide which solution suits best.

Event Security Guards

Plain-clothes Guards

The plain-clothes security guards also provide high-level close protection. These guards won’t be recognized as security personnel, but you will have peace of mind being surrounded by them. The level of professionalism, skills and experience is not compromised in any case.

All of our security guards receive comprehensive security training in order to obtain their security guard license.

Industrial Security Guards

Concierge Security Guard Services

Concierge guards are focused on protecting people and private property from theft, vandalism or physical harm. Sometimes called house security guards, their customer service and problem-solving skills can resolve threatening situations while still maintaining a personal approach.

Not only the property is a concierge security officer focus, but they provide services such as singing for the packages, directing guests, and assisting residents.

Emergency Response Guards

In the event of a fire, fire alarm sounds, emergency response guards will monitor, identify and assist and will work to assist residents. They can help the firefighting team by directing them to a particular place.

They can assist residents exit the building safely and can also perform patrol searches and utilize surveillance cameras to ensure that everyone is out of the building safely. We hire also government contract security guards who take over government needs related to security.

Event Security Guards

If you are looking to host an event, whether large or small, you can always rely on us. Our expertise and over 27 years of experience are proof that we can do the job well. We provide security services for sporting events, concerts, weddings or else.

Our professionals will intervene in any physical situations that may occur and take action on their own or call the necessary authorities if necessary.

Event Guards Shopping Mall

Industrial Security

They are looking for any sign of change in the environment to figure out any suspicious behaviour. If they notice anything suspicious, they will work to improve the situation and inform their supervisors.

This type of security guard is important after hours when the industrial zone, construction site or other industrial areas are closed and are a point of interest for criminals.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Mobile patrol teams can work in both residential and commercial areas. Mobile patrol guards are security guards who patrol their assigned areas by foot or by vehicle.

These guards are focused on monitoring and detecting the potential crime or threatening situations in a particular area.

Their goal is to keep the property safe by looking for potential threats or by reacting rapidly if threatening activity occurs.

Mall Security

Mall security guards ensure safety in retail environments. They monitor buyers’ and employee actions and warn the supervisor. Seeing the mall security guard sends a message to criminals and in many cases stops the crime.

This type of security is extremely important during busy hours such as holidays, back-to-school time, and others.

Static Guards

Security guards remain in one particular location to maintain private security over the particular area. Since these private security agency guards are always present, they instantly make the environment safer.

These security professional guards are used in different private security and commercial settings usually stationed at the entrance of a particular building to effectively monitor who comes in and out of the location. They get familiar with the building residents and are able to recognize quickly if an unauthorized access attempt is made.

VIP and Executive Protection

VIP and executive protection are an important part of special event security. Event planners often hire security companies to provide this type of security for high-profile guests. VIP and executive protection teams are specially trained to provide a high level of security for their clients. They are typically armed and may use special equipment, such as body armor, to protect their clients. VIP and executive protection teams often work closely with law enforcement to ensure the safety of their clients. In some cases, they may even provide security for the President of the United States.

More about Different Types of Security Guards!

As one of the leading security firms in Toronto and beyond, we train professional security officers and security professionals with a focus on protecting clients. We focus not only on the property but most important on our client’s safety. Our security agents are sometimes ex-military personnel with state-mandated firearms certification and use a patrol vehicle if necessary.

Our guards wear security uniforms and leave a security presence on the security jobs they are assigned for. Compared with other security companies and private security agencies, our pricing is competitive.

We also offer access control, alarm systems, security cameras and other security services.


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