Static Guards Provide Added Security

static guards torontoStatic guards are just one of the many security options that we offer to our clients. These security guards remain in one particular location to maintain security over an area or to guard a specific item. One of their main advantages is that they work to maintain a constant level of security. As they are always present, they instantly make your location safer just by being there. Criminals will understand that you are protected.

These security guard services are used a wide variety of different private and commercial enterprises.

Trust our guards to protect your business, your next event, your residence or in any number of different situations.

Static Guards for Residential Properties

Another key advantage is that these security officers become closely acquainted with the property and people associated with it. This makes them an ideal choice for residential properties such as condominiums and high rise buildings. Many large residential properties employ such security guard services as their primary means of protection.

Guards who are stationed at the entrance of a building can effectively monitor who comes in and out of the location. By familiarizing themselves with the tenants of the building, they are able to immediately recognize if an unauthorized access attempt is made. This sort of access control is key to maintaining order and safety in a residential building.

You can also trust guards to monitor buildings alarms and closed-circuit surveillance cameras from their security station, improving overall security for everyone on the property.

Static Guards for Commercial Properties

Static guards are also widely used in commercial settings, including many retail stores, office buildings and other commercial business locations. In these environments, static guards deter crime by maintaining a visible presence at the entrance of the business. Criminals will immediately be aware of the presence of static guards and this often causes them to avoid the business in question. They would rather strike a location that is unprotected.

In many commercial properties, static guards work alongside mobile security guard teams. This lets the static guards maintain a constant presence while the mobile team actively searches for potential issues around the property. This is a very effective approach that is employed successfully in a number of locations.

Static Guards Toronto for Events

These guards are also frequently hired to protect both public and private events. Concerts, dances, weddings and other events often have a variety of different security issues. From access control to theft prevention and everything in between, stationary security guards offer the best in trained, efficient and professional event security. They maintain order at the event while working to protect guests and valuables.

While event security needs can vary depending on the type of event, static guards should certainly be a part of your security plan. Depending on the expected attendance, the size of the venue and the level of security you wish to maintain, you may wish to have one or many static guards at work.

Public events such as concerts and other large gatherings will naturally require different security protocols than private events such as weddings or anniversary parties. Speaking with a member of our security team will help you determine the best course of action for your unique situation.

Static Guards Offer Many Key Advantages

There are a number of different situations where static guards can improve the safety and security for everyone involved. Whether you are looking for residential security at a condo or high rise building, commercial security at your retail store, office building or other business, or event security for a wedding, concert or dance, you can trust static guards to maintain a high level of safety and security.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your security needs and to discover how static guards can provide superior protection.

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