Emergency Response Services

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Emergency Response Services from SafeTech Security Guards

emergency response servicesSafeTech Security teams can be on-call to respond to emergency situations at office buildings, residential complexes and other public places. We work with the authorities to keep your property secure. You can trust the emergency response services provided by our security guards.

Our emergency response services are excellent for protecting both residential and commercial properties.

Residential Emergency Response

Emergency response services are perfect for residential complexes such as condominiums, townhouse complexes and high rise buildings. In the event of a break-in, fire or medical emergency, our security guards can respond quickly and effectively to reduce damage and conduct an investigation. If police, fire or ambulance services are required, our emergency response security guards can work along with the authorities. For example, they can guide the emergency authorities through the property, debrief them of the situation, act as eyewitnesses and provide assistance when needed.

Our emergency response services can also work in conjunction with a monitored alarm system. Once the monitoring station receives a notification that there is an issue, our emergency response team can be dispatched.

Commercial Emergency Response Services

SafeTech security guards work with businesses of all types and sizes to provide security and peace of mind. Our emergency response services give your business an extra layer of crucial protection. If a crime, fire or medical emergency occurs, our team will respond quickly and effectively to keep the peace, ensure safety and begin an investigation.

Once the police, paramedics or firefighters arrive, the guards can work with them to provide any assistance that is required. Not only can they provide the authorities with information and eyewitness testimony, but they can also work to ensure that the authorities have access to whatever areas of the property they need to enter.

Working with SafeTech Security

When you work with the emergency response services team at SafeTech Security, you are working with experienced and dedicated security officers. All of our guards are knowledgeable and have gone through thorough training in order to ensure that they have all of the skills needed to provide proper protection.

If you are interested in receiving the peace of mind that emergency response service provide, please feel free to contact us today.