Security Guard Toronto

Security Guard Toronto

Whether you want a night watch or someone at the front door, hiring a security guard in Toronto is a serious investment that most businesses will have to make at some point. You may go about it by hiring someone directly or by getting a contract with a security company. Either way, you will want someone that is not afraid of confrontation and is well-versed in local compliance and security measures.


Getting Your Own Security


Hiring security obviously involves a screening process with a criminal background check, work history, and an interview. You don’t necessarily want to hire the big muscular guy over someone who has in-depth knowledge in the industry. It should also be noted that quality security guards are not cheap, so expect to pay well above minimum wage.


Considering Safety in Toronto


Toronto is considered to be one of the safest cities in the Americas, especially when comparing nearby cities in the United States. Although, this doesn’t mean that this place is free from petty crime, vandalism, and assaults. It also depends on where your business is located and how it’s operated when considering the threat of crime.


As a business owner, things to look out for are shoplifters, burglars, and nigh-time vandals, in which a security guard in Toronto will help mitigate. There is also a threat of people harassing, robbing or assaulting potential customers around your property, which is why it would help to have someone deal with suspicious or loitering individuals.


Does Your Business Need Hired Help?


Your security needs depend on the risk factors involved, how you run your business and if your current employees are burdened with other demands. It may not be worth the expense if the threat isn’t significant or your profit margin cannot fit another employee into the equation, which is why security cameras would be a more minimal solution.


If profits are dwindling or items are mysteriously disappearing, this is one of the most immediate signs that make a company hire a security guard in Toronto. Even with your own employees, there could be stolen items or money from the cash register that will significantly cut into your profit. Having another set of eyes to keep tabs on people trying to get away with stealing will help mitigate this.


Your business needs to keep up with record keeping outside the financial side of things. You may assign a security guard to take logs of open doors, lost products, incidents with customers and more. There should also be records if door or locks need repairs, busted security cameras and other things that need to be taken care of.


If your establishment serves alcohol, it also helps to have security to keep track of who is buying it. To avoid legal issues, it is common practice to check identification at the door or counter to make sure everyone is legal.


Solving your crime problem will be a contributing factor to the longevity of your company. If your budget allows it, consider using our security services to keep on top of things.

Security Guard Toronto

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