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Event Security Toronto On Guard Security has been providing event security in Toronto for 20 years working with hundreds of costumers to help improve event security in Toronto.

What is Event Security?

 The purpose of event security is to maintain order while protecting guest and valuables.  This is achieved through several different approaches that have been perfected by our experiences working event security in Toronto.

Why is Event Security Important?

In modern times more than ever event security is essential to having a successful and pleasant event. From terrorist attacks, lone gunmen, to bad weather it pays to be prepared for everything. Event security teams help with crowd management to providing emergency medical treatment an much more in between the two.
From the most lowkey birthday celebrations to crowed sporting events On Guard is ready to help you evaluate security risks and minimize the threats.

What are the Risk Factors for  Event?

The world is a very unpredictable place and it is impossible to prepare of everything, so it helps to know the most likely causes of harm during an  event.  For outdoor events the weather is always a factor. From heat stroke to hypothermia guards and staff need to be able to identify and evaluate health risk.

At events where alcohol is served guest can become agitated and unruly. Event Security teams need to be prepared to diffuse and handle alcohol infused events.
Medical emergencies are common when large crowds are involved. Whether from a stroke or slipping and falling these events can become life threating in the blink of an eye. As the premiere  event security team in Toronto we are experts at evaluating and handling risk factors.

What Functions to Consider When Planning Event Security?

As with everything  event security starts with a good plan. One of the first items on the list should be access to the event. Along with restricting the entrance of guest, should there be restrictions on the items allowed in the venue as well?

How are people getting in and out of the event? Are you making sure only people that are supposed to attend the event are present?

Not only do the entrance and exits of the event need to  well designed, but several other factors as well. Will there be a large amount of cash exchanging hands at the event? Then an area designed for cash storing  needs to be dedicated and well-guarded.

Managing traffic is extremely important when making event security plans. When large amounts of people are stuck in a small place for prolonged periods of time nothing good can come of it especially when alcohol is involved.

The management of traffic is important for other reasons as well. The main one being evacuation. If the venue needs to be emptied quickly for any number of reasons, what is most efficient way to proceed?

What Events does On Guard Work?

On Guard  provides security for a wide range of events, and in today’s age it is best to be prepared for everything.  From company parties to sporting events on Guard provides the most effective event securities in Toronto
Event Security Toronto

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