Best Security Companies In Toronto

Best Security Companies In Toronto Why is SafeTech Security one of the best security companies in Toronto

Safe Tech Security employs well-trained guards for the protection of your business and home.  Many services are offered to cover the different needs of each client.  With crime rates on the rise, security has become a pressing need for Toronto. 

SafeTech has been recognized as “Best of 2014” and “Best of 2017” by HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most respected source of home professional reviews.  The “Best of 2017” award included excellence in Home Automation, Alarm Systems, and Locks & Locksmiths.

Other distinctions earned by SafeTech include Consumer Choice Award for Toronto alarm system companies in 2012 and Best Contractors in 2010. 

How can I best protect my business? 

•    Change safe combinations and entry codes when an employee leaves the company. 
•    This is especially essential if the employee leaves on bad terms. 
•    Proper lighting inside and outside. 
•    Businesses in poorly lit areas are at greater risk of break-ins.  Good lighting, along with reinforced windows and doors, can prevent attempted burglaries before they even happen. 
•    Trim or remove overgrown landscaping. 
•    Trim bushes that block windows or entrances.  These give the criminals hiding places while they attempt to break in.  Alternatively, put small thorny bushes and shrubs near entrances.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it does help deter intruders. 

•    Get a reliable alarm system. 
•    Window and door sensors as well as interior motion detectors will trigger a siren and alert the authorities.  Some insurance companies offer a discount for installing an alarm system. 

•    Set up video surveillance. 
•    With smaller, cheaper, and better video technology available, you can monitor your business with only a modest investment. 

•    Warn your intruders!
•    Simply post signs that your business is being monitored and recorded.  Criminals will likely change their mind and move on.

What if I need an on-site guard? 

SafeTech provides security guards for your business, including industrial security, mall security guards, emergency response security guards, mobile patrol security guards, and static business security guards, depending on the specific protection needs of an individual business.  

Can SafeTech provide home security? 

Absolutely. Not only does a home security system give you peace of mind at night when sleeping, but a lot of home burglaries happen during the day when everyone is away at work and school.  Monitored homes are 300% less likely to be burglarized. 

A medical alert function in a home security system allows a person with a medical emergency to call for help when they are alone.  Older parents tend stay in their homes longer without the need of a caregiver. Monitored smoke detectors alert the fire department and homeowner if smoke is detected when the house is unoccupied. 

Alerts are announced when doors are opened, so toddlers can’t slip out a door unnoticed, and it’s always comforting to know when a teenager makes it home if you aren’t there.There are many more features that make a security system worth the money at home or at your business.

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