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One of the vital issues for your home, business or company is security. Keeping your assets, staff and loved ones safe is one of the pillars of your well-being. For sure, from the structural point of view, you have taken all the precautions to achieve that safeguard.

However, you should keep in mind that the rates of threats to the safety of people and property have increased in recent years. Besides, different types of risks have emerged today, such as terrorist attacks. In these circumstances, traditional security measures become insufficient. Fortunately, you can count on an excellent alternative to keep yourself safe: security services.

Why Are Private Security Services Effective?

First, the function of security staff at your home or business is to deter. Criminals will always prefer to attack a place that does not have protection personnel. In that sense, having a team that protects you discourages criminal action.

Also, today the best providers of security services in Toronto such as Safetech Security Guard Company will offer you additional services such as the installation of video surveillance systems and patrolling of the support team. This will give you peace of mind under the protection of professionals.

Which are the advantages of security services?

  • 24/7/365 Protection: Criminals often threaten properties when they are most vulnerable. This usually happens when the place is left alone. In those moments, the presence of the security personnel becomes vital to preserving the patrimony of the house or company.
  • Preparation: not just anyone can be a security guard. As minimum requirements, the applicant to the team must have previous experience in the military or police field. This gives you the guarantee that you do indeed have specialized personnel for security tasks.
  • Versatility: depending on the level of security you want, you can opt for armed or unarmed personnel. Also, if you have a trusted security services company, you can use their valuable support in events you do, such as weddings, meetings or corporate events.
  • Automation: New technologies allow for an exceptional level of monitoring. This significantly increases protection levels, since, in addition to physical presence, security providers have a backup technology platform that maximizes results.

Selecting the Ideal Security Services

When evaluating the different security providers for your home or business, first take into account the trajectory of the company. The years a provider has stayed in the market says a lot about their good performance. Also, consider the type of packages and services they offer you, and all the additional elements you can hire. This will allow you to choose the best price/value option that fits your needs.

Trust The Best!

Safetec Security Guard Company offers you the most outstanding security services in Toronto. Let us give you peace of mind with the best trained and qualified staff in the city. Our services are backed by the best assistive technology to give you the highest level of protection. Let our more than 20 years of industry experience work for you. Request your free quote or contact us; we will be proud to support you.

Security Services Toronto

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Things To Know Before Hiring

Securing a commercial property is not a simple task in Toronto. Property managers and business owners know that security is a critical factor, considering that workplace crime is now costing businesses billions of dollars every year. Having the right security guard in place is imperative to protect your business.

However, there are several different variables to consider, and various contexts to understand when planning to hire a security guard company. So, how do you know if you’re hiring the right or wrong security guard company in Toronto? This article will guide you through all you need to know about security guard companies in Toronto.

Is the Company Insured?

It’s essential that the security guard companies you’re hiring in Toronto should be able to show proof of insurance. Scrutinize the insurance to ensure it covers your situation.  Without up to date insurance, you could be liable if the guard incurs injuries on the job or damage private property while protecting your building.

Is the Company Licensed?

The security guard companies in Toronto should be able to supply valid state licenses. The license of the security company to operate is what covers the security guards you hire. If you choose to hire a company without the proper license, you might be at risk of having security guards that are below standard. Remember you are paying to protect your property. So feel free to double check.

How Well trained are the Guards?

Before you employ a guard, it’s essential that you ask the security company about the training that their guards go through to have a good idea of what to expect for the quality of security you will receive. Check with the companies you’re interested in and ask to see their guards’ certifications. It’s also ideal to find out if all guards have a clean background check as a condition of their employment.

How long have they been in the Industry?

Finding a security company that has been in the industry for a long time means they have quality security equipment and have good contact with local authorities. They probably also will be familiar with the crime that happens in the area and how to best handle it.

How much does hiring a Security Guard Cost?

The cost to hire professional security guards will depend on several factors. Pricing is usually dependent on how many guards you need and for how long.  The more experienced and certified a security guard is, the higher they will charge for their services. It's your own duty to ensure that your commercial property is safe and protected from harm to the best of your ability.

The Bottom Line

If you are considering hiring security guards to keep your business, and property safe, then you’ll be better prepared to make the right choice by asking the questions above. Make a list of the qualifications and services that are important to you, and then compare prices and reviews to ensure you pick the right option. Contact SafeTech for more information or to hire a security guard in Toronto.

best security companies in toronto

Why is SafeTech Security one of the best security companies in Toronto? 

Safe Tech Security employs well-trained guards for the protection of your business and home.  Many services are offered to cover the different needs of each client.  With crime rates on the rise, security has become a pressing need for Toronto. 

SafeTech has been recognized as “Best of 2014” and “Best of 2017” by HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most respected source of home professional reviews.  The “Best of 2017” award included excellence in Home Automation, Alarm Systems, and Locks & Locksmiths.

Other distinctions earned by SafeTech include Consumer Choice Award for Toronto alarm system companies in 2012 and Best Contractors in 2010. 

How can I best protect my business? 

•    Change safe combinations and entry codes when an employee leaves the company. 
•    This is especially essential if the employee leaves on bad terms. 
•    Proper lighting inside and outside. 
•    Businesses in poorly lit areas are at greater risk of break-ins.  Good lighting, along with reinforced windows and doors, can prevent attempted burglaries before they even happen. 
•    Trim or remove overgrown landscaping. 
•    Trim bushes that block windows or entrances.  These give the criminals hiding places while they attempt to break in.  Alternatively, put small thorny bushes and shrubs near entrances.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it does help deter intruders. 

•    Get a reliable alarm system. 
•    Window and door sensors as well as interior motion detectors will trigger a siren and alert the authorities.  Some insurance companies offer a discount for installing an alarm system. 

•    Set up video surveillance. 
•    With smaller, cheaper, and better video technology available, you can monitor your business with only a modest investment. 

•    Warn your intruders!
•    Simply post signs that your business is being monitored and recorded.  Criminals will likely change their mind and move on.

What if I need an on-site guard? 

SafeTech provides security guards for your business, including industrial security, mall security guards, emergency response security guards, mobile patrol security guards, and static business security guards, depending on the specific protection needs of an individual business.  

Can SafeTech provide home security? 

Absolutely. Not only does a home security system give you peace of mind at night when sleeping, but a lot of home burglaries happen during the day when everyone is away at work and school.  Monitored homes are 300% less likely to be burglarized. 

A medical alert function in a home security system allows a person with a medical emergency to call for help when they are alone.  Older parents tend stay in their homes longer without the need of a caregiver. Monitored smoke detectors alert the fire department and homeowner if smoke is detected when the house is unoccupied. 

Alerts are announced when doors are opened, so toddlers can’t slip out a door unnoticed, and it’s always comforting to know when a teenager makes it home if you aren’t there.There are many more features that make a security system worth the money at home or at your business.

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